Master Day Biology 2018

Master Day Biology

17th November 2018

This 9th edition of the National Master Day in Biology will take you on an interesting journey along all Belgian Universities that organize one or several masters in Biology (and there might be more of them than you would expect). Organizing this free event, the Royal Belgian Society of Zoology, in collaboration with the Royal Belgian Institute for Natural Sciences, aims to provide future master in Biology students all information need to make a well informed study and as such future career choice.

Registration for participation is required:

Registration is closed for the presentation session, but if you still want to attend the poster session with representatives of the university, you can by coming to the museum on the 17th of November and register at the desk.


We kindly invite all 3rd Ba students to participate in this master day, which will start at 13.00h in the main auditorium. As an interesting bonus, all participants will have the opportunity to visit the museum during the morning (upon showing their badge of the registration at the museum welcome desk). From 13.00h onwards, there will be a general introduction, then the representatives will give an overview of the masters in Biology organized at their University, followed by a panel discussion. Afterwards, there is an informal get-together with these representatives that will enabling you to get some clear answers on all your questions. New this year is that the Kets prize winner candidates will give a short presentation and will be selected by the master day public.

This year’s master day will take place on Saturday, November 17th 2018. Place to be is the Royal Belgian Institute for Natural Sciences in Brussels (also known as the “dino museum”) which is located at: Vautierstraat 29, 1000 Brussels (for more information on how to get to the museum).

More details about the program can be found here.

PDF versions of this year's presentation will be availabe soon after this event (according announced to presentation order).

For more information, please contact or or or or

Hope to see you soon,

The organizing committee

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