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Zoology 2018

Zoology in the Anthropocene

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The deadline to submit your abstract has been posponed until the 10th of November.

On the 14th and the 15th of December, the ZOOLOGY meeting 2018 will take place back-to-back with the FWO Kennismakers meeting @ZOO ( in Antwerp that will host a special theme on the Impact of Climate on Ecosystem services. The general theme of the ZOOLOGY meeting is “Zoology in the Anthropocene” with two special sessions: 1. “Crossing borders: why and how biologists and climatologists must speak together”; 2. “How animals face global change: plasticity, resilience, adaptation”. The congress will also welcome all contributions from the field of Zoology, from the molecule to the biosphere. Thematic sessions will be organized depending on received abstracts.

In addition, a workshop on basic skills for young scientists (networking, paper writing, reviewing, presentation feedback) will be organized on the 13th of December by the RBZS Young Zoologists Group. All zoologists, at any stage of their career, are very welcome to participate actively during the whole meeting, but young scientists are particularly encouraged to contribute (especially to the Young Zoologist workshop).

We look forward to meeting you at Zoology 2018! On behalf of the Zoology 2018 conference scientific and organizing committee,

RBZS: Prof. Ellen Decaestecker (KU Leuven), Dr. Bruno Frédérich (ULiège), Dr. Gilles Lepoint (ULiège), Dr. Patricia Mergen (KMMA), Prof. Caroline Nieberding (UCLouvain), Prof. Dominique Adriaens (UGent), Prof. Herwig Leirs (UA) in collaboration with RDZS: Dr. Peter Klaren (Raboud UNijmegen), Prof. Jan Kammenga (UWageningen) and Luxembourg: Dr. Pierre Gallego (Odyssea), Dr. Alain Fraintz (GDL) and Dr. Alexander Weigand (MNHNL).

RBZS Young Zoologist Group: Allison Luger (UGent), Marianna Pinzone (ULiège) & Marielle Kaashoek (UA).

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ZOOLOGY 2018: Practical information

LOCATION: Flanders Meeting & Convention Center Antwerp

DATES: 13,14 & 15 December 2018


Abstract submission: opened

Registration/payment: opened

Abstract submission deadline: 10 November

Abstract acceptance: 15 November (reviewed by the Scientific committee)

Early registration deadline: 20 November (after abstract acceptance) (=early fees)

Registration deadline for presenters: 30 November (= normal fees)

Registration on desk (13-14-15 December) possible only for non-presenters (= on desk fees).


1. Fill the registration form (here);

2. Submit your abstract to and use the template provided here.

3. Make the payment according to your registration fees rate.


Type Early (max 20/11) Normal (max 30/11) Late (on desk - only for non-presenters)
Student (non-member) 15 15 25
Student (member)1 0 0 10
PhD Student (non-member) 90 110 150
PhD Student (member) 40 60 100
Other (non-member) 130 150 190
Other (member) 80 100 140


1. Member = member of Royal Belgian or Dutch Zoology Societies;
2. Possibility to pay membership to the Belgian Society (i.e. 10 euros for Students, 25 euros for PhD students, + 40 euros for others) at the same time than the registration and to obtain the member fee rate. Membership is valid also for 2019 (see Membership advantage on RBZS.Be).
3. Desk registration for presenters is not possible

Fees include: congress registration, coffee breaks, poster session evening, abstract book, part of the lunch on 15.12 (extra 15 euro will be charged).


Payment must be done on the RBZS IBAN account number: BE37 7340 4462 1928, BIC: KREDBEBB, address:  KBC Bank NV - Drongen - Drongenplein 11, 9031 Drongen, BELGIUM


1. For extra-European country, please add Bank transfer cost to the paid sum; 2. In the communication field: please indicate: name, status for fees rate (Student, PhD student, other), member? (YES/NO), if NO, Membership to Belgian Society included? (YES/NO)
If payment is done for several persons, please send an email to including all detailed information for each person.

Please follow the template given here. Body text 300 words maximum
Do not forget to choose your session.

Congress language is English.
Two types of oral presentations are possible: normal oral communication (12min + 3min for questions) or double slot communication (25 min + 5min questions).
The second type of communication is only possible for young postdoctoral scientists. RBZS attends to put the focus on some promising postdocs, giving them the opportunity to develop their research result in a longer format than usual.

A0 format only, Portrait only. Poster sessions will be organized on Saturday, the 15th during lunch break and happy hour with beers.

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