RBZS grant

RBZS grant for laboratory internship

The RBZS board has decided on the 05th of February 2018 to attribute annually two grants (500€ each) aiming to encourage young zoologist to realize a research internship in a Benelux laboratory or research group.

Application guidelines:

• To be a member of the Royal Belgian Zoological Society (i.e. membership fees must be paid before application),

• To be a PhD student or a postdoc,

• To propose a research stay in a Benelux laboratory or research group, related to a PhD or a Postdoctoral project between June of the year of application and June of the following year. 2019. Duration of the stay must at least be one month.

• The scientific activity must be linked to zoological sciences (in its broadest sense, from molecules to biosphere, but excluding veterinary sciences),

• Application documents: 1. a description of the stay (including scientific context, host institution and host supervisor address/contact, dates and a provisional budget (750 words max plus a table)), 2. a letter of acceptance by the PI of the host laboratory or research group, 3. for PhD students, a letter of acceptance from the supervisor, 4. a short CV (2 pages max, including professional and private address, e-mail and bank account where the grant must be payed),

• For the provisional budget, allowed expenses are: travel cost, lodging cost or laboratory consumable cost. Equipment expenses are no allowed.

• Application documents must be sent to RBZS president and RBZS secretary before 30th of April. Decision will be taken in the last week of June and communicated by e-mail to applicant. This is a two steps procedure: 1. Eligibility checking and application pre-selection based on the quality of the CV and of the proposed stay by a dedicated working group, 2. Selection by the RBZS board at the June board meeting, based on the propositions made by the grant working group.

• Granted applicants should acknowledge the Society in publication(s) related to their stay and are invited to publish their results in our Society journal, namely the Belgian Journal of Zoology.

• A two pages report will be asked to the applicant, including a financial report with expense covered by the grant. Report will be sent to RBZS president (Prof Ellen Decaestecker) and RBZS secretary (Dr Gilles Lepoint) one month after the internship.

For the call 2018, the application deadline is the 30th of April and the application is to be sent to Prof Ellen Decaestecker and Dr Gilles Lepoint

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