Welcome to The Royal Belgian Society for Zoology

The Royal Belgian Society for Zoology and its Belgian Journal of Zoology continue in a long scientific tradition devoted to the promotion of zoology and to the publication of research in zoology. This tradition goes back to 1863, when the "Société malacologique de Belgique" was founded in Brussels and began to publish the "Annales de la Société malacologique de Belgique".

The RBSZ connects zoology researchers throughout Belgium and abroad, providing a network for both, junior and senior members, who benefit through contacts and collaboration.

Open Access Belgian Journal of Zoology

The call for RBZS grant for laboratory internship 2018 is open !

Registration for the 9th Master Day Biology is open.

The Zoology 2018 meeting will take place @ ZOO in Antwerpen the 14 & 15th of December
Deadline for abstract submission extended until the 10th of November !

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Coral Reef-Similand Islands (Thailand)

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